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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Checking in, and checking off.

I know it's been awhile since either of us posted, and I'd like to say that this post is going to be amazing...but it's not. I'm updating the to-do list again, because I need to feel accomplished! Or something.

Here we go (blue is new):
  1. Figure out vows and pastor's speech/talk/whatever it's called
  2. Plan order of ceremony
  3. Pick songs for ceremony and reception (Getting there!)
  4. Send ceremony songs to Josh so he can practice
  5. Make sure Josh knows we want him to play at our wedding (He knows!)
  6. Get unity candles (Thanks, Pauli!)
  7. Figure out stage setup (Getting there!)
  8. Make flower arrangements from the metric buttload of silk flowers from Michaels (including bridal party bouquets, centerpieces, corsages/boutonnieres...) (We've come up with the prototype for the centerpieces, so now it's a matter of putting them all together. Still have to do bouquets and boutonnieres.)
  9. Finish gifts to my bridesmaids (Getting there!)
  10. "Something borrowed, something blue?" (Am I doing that?) (Meh. Probably not.)
  11. Send cake design and flavors to Kristen (Done! Now we just have to do a little taste test. My favorite part of wedding planning...tee hee.)
  12. Find a cake topper we both like (Done! Just gotta order it.)
  13. Practice for our first dance
  14. Get white keds for the reception so I can dance
  15. Put together wedding favors (need to add ribbon or something with color) (I've got the general idea down, just gotta make it happen.)
  16. Plan table decorations (table cloth overlay, place settings, etc.) (Pretty much done. Once we got the centerpiece designed, the rest should be pretty easy.)
  17. Choose meal and appetizers and stuff; send to Blennie (We know what we want. Just gotta tell Blennie.)
  18. Finalize invitation design with Mom; send around June 13-20 (The design is done; now Mom's putting them together to send soon! Yay!)
  19. Maybe have Mom design a program, too?
  20. Plan order of reception (cake cutting, first dances, etc.)
  21. Find a "going-away" dress (so I don't have to take my wedding dress on our honeymoon) (Done! Got the cuuuuutest dress from Target.)
  22. Plan what clothes to bring on honeymoon
  23. Plan some sight-seeing/show-seeing in Vegas for honeymoon
  24. Lose ten pounds so I can sunbathe in Vegas on honeymoon (Heh...workin' on it. I got a membership at Joe's gym, so we're going together now!)
  25. Get a flower girl basket (and maybe a flower girl tiara? Oh, and shoes!) (Got a basket - thanks Mom! - but may have to decorate it a little. Working on the tiara/shoe thing.)
  26. Cut and curl fabric for flower petals (it's the only way to have them in the right color!)
  27. Practice the three-second kiss with Joe (hey, this list was starting to feel too much like WORK) (We do this a lot.) :-)
  28. Make sure our registries are totally finalized (like, SOON!) (Done! I think. Probably.)
  29. Get ready to pack up and move things to Joe's.
  30. Make/get table numbers/place cards for the reception.
  31. Make some kinda sign for the foyer pointing out the "cry rooms" for use in case of noisy munchkins.
  32. Get Joe's wedding ring! How did this miss the list on the first go-around?
  33. Choose a sterling pattern (and DON'T register for it at Macy's...sheesh, it's expensive!).
  34. And most importantly, during all of this planning, remember that none of it is anywhere near as important as planning our LIFE together. Whee! (Gotta remind myself of this every so often.)


  1. Who's doing the wedding? The pastor I mean?

  2. This guy from Jehovah's Witness...they'll do ANYTHING if you buy a WatchTower. (j/k!)

  3. Target = one of my favorite places to buy dresses

    Sounds like things are coming together nicely. Enjoy the planning process =)

  4. My Mozilla crashed a few weeks ago and I totally lost track of this blog. Can I offer my best shoe advice? (Unless you specifically want Keds for the reception.) I got around the two shoe dilemma by buying a pair of white ballroom shoes. They were so comfy, and pretty to boot! (Footwear pun intended.)


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