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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It's not "Perfect Chef"'s PAMPERED Chef.

This past Saturday, my awesome sister-in-law Serena threw me a Pampered Chef shower. It was SO. MUCH. FUN! And I'd say it was a complete success for my very first shower EVER. (Er...I mean, I take showers. It was just my first, you know, party-type shower.)

So here's how it went down.

On Saturday, June 27th, a group of about 15 lovely ladies came from various places to the hot hot desert to hang out with me.

The end.

...Just kidding! There's soooo much more to tell.

The party started out with a little ice-breaker game, in which Serena stuck a sticker on each of our backs that had the name of people who were the "other half" of a well-known couple (example: Minnie Mouse). So we had to ask each other questions to try to figure out who we were, and once we figured it out, we had to track down our match. I'm pretty sure I was Lucy and I had to find Desi. My favorite couple that Serena included in the game? Cory Matthews and Topanga Lawrence. Yesss!

Before I get to the other two games, I'll tell you how the whole "shower" aspect of the shower went...cuz, you know, showers equal gifts. And a Pampered Chef shower equals really SWEET (no pun intended) gifts. But the cool thing was that Serena prompted everyone to, in so many words, "bring their checkbooks" rather than pre-order their gifts. Why? Because anything that is purchased AT a P.C. shower goes toward a sweet bonus for the person hosting. And that person is Serena. And Serena, in her awesome-sister-in-law-ness, gave her bonus entirely to ME. Which meant that in addition to the sweet gifts from all the lovely ladies at the shower, I got even MORE gifts from my registry because of the bonus.

Oh, but what I really wanted to tell you was the cool way that my "registry" was displayed. Jenny, the P.C. expert and demonstrator, printed out little tent cards with each of the items I'd registered for, and people just grabbed the one(s) they wanted to get for me and placed their orders at the end of the night. Genius, right?

But enough about presents.

Game number two was movie quote trivia. Serena picked out 15 quotes from well-known love-story-type movies, and gave us a cheat sheet with all of the answers, plus five more movie titles that didn't go with any of the quotes. It was pretty dang hard, but still fun! I only got four right, but the girls on either side of me (Nicole and Summer) had the two highest scores of 11 and 12, so I was surrounded by success! :-)

Game number three was probably the most fun: Guess Tabitha's Age in These Photos (not the "official" name of the game). Josh came to the house early to set up three little collages on the walls, with a total of 17 photos of me from birth through about the beginning of college. The goal was to guess my age in each photo, and you had to get the exact age, except for the photos where I was less than a year. Those you could be within a month of the correct answer.

Do you want to know how many I got right out of those 17 pictures of ME?

...Four. Yep, I fail at life. A few of the pictures, my guess was THREE YEARS off of my actual age. But it was fun anyway! And my mom got the most right, which I think made her happy since half the time she called me Lydia while we were growing up. *tee hee*

So, after all those awesome games, we got around to the whole "point" of the shower, which was to have a demonstration of some great Pampered Chef tools. I got to be the assistant, helping Jenny by chopping some almonds in this sweet food chopper thingy (which I'm totally getting), mixing up some fluffy whipped cream concoction, and layering everything on some puff pastry sheets. We made some kind of almond-strawberry tart thing, which (I hear) was delicious!

BUT...while the pastry was baking/rising/puffing, we had about 15 minutes to kill, so Jenny held me at gunpoint and forced me to tell the story of how Joe and I met. And when I finished that story about three minutes later (what? I talk fast), I told the story of our first date. And three minutes later, I told the story of how I interviewed at my current job the day after arriving home from Romania (and how I magically GOT the job). And finally, after being in the spotlight for 15 whole minutes (as if I didn't totally LOVE every second of it), we pulled out the stuff and put it together and everyone ate. Yay!

After that it was a bunch of hanging out and munching on the other goodies people brought, including my mom's fruit salad and veggie platter, my sisters deeeeelicious assortment of cookies, and some great seven-layer dip with "hint of lime" chips that Serena brought.

Like I first shower EVER. So thank you to the wonderful (and mommy-to-be) Serena, and to my mom and sister, and to everyone else who brought stuff (or just themselves)! It was an amazing night to celebrate my upcoming nuptials.

(...Phew! That was a long one.)


  1. I had so much fun!!! I had never been to a Pampered Chef party before... it was great! Thank you so SO much for having me! :)

  2. Yep. It was tons of fun. Serena did a great job!!

  3. that sounds like an amazing time and i'm so jealous that i wasn't there.

  4. I definitely need to take notes for the next shower I go to and/or have to host! The quote game sounds like soo much fun. I like that the games you played weren't the normal corny ones =) And Pampered Chef? yes, please.


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