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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Getting down to my sex weight.

To explain the subject, a funny story:

My housemate Sarah got married a few weeks ago to a great guy named Scott. He had been living in Texas, so he flew out to Santa Barbara a few times to help Sarah with planning and stuff during the months before the wedding. On one of his visits, the three of us were chatting and I mentioned going to the gym. Scott said, "So are you and Joe trying to get down to your sex weight?"

Sarah playfully slugged Scott in the arm and said, "Scott, that's so crude!"

I said, "Have you met Joe? I'm used to those kinds of statements."

Anyway, Scott had apparently heard this term "sex weight" on multiple occasions, so he figured it was a widely known phrase. I'd never heard it before that evening, but I got the point, and I said, "Well, yeah, I guess you could say we're trying to get down to our respective sex weights."

(End story.)

So, my goal back in February or March was to lose ten pounds by our wedding.

It is now June 10th, 59 days before our wedding, and my weight pretty much hasn't budged. At all. Talk about lame...

I mean, I'm not worried about my dress fitting. I know that it will be fine. And I don't feel "fat" or ugly or anything like that; I just know that I would ideally like to be at least ten pounds lighter than I am right now (in general, not just for the wedding).

So I canceled my Curves membership and joined Joe's gym. I knew I wasn't making much progress at Curves, and I had reached a point where it didn't really feel like much of a workout anymore. I have been loving going to a "real" gym, and working up a pretty gnarly sweat.

The problem lately? I'll push myself too hard, and be SO sore for the next few days that I can't do much of anything at the gym without wanting to cry. Case in point: Monday, Joe and I did a full round of weight-lifting, leg-pressing, and then about three miles on the elliptical machine. The next thighs and my arms felt like mush. And two days later (today), it's even worse. It took me a full minute to walk up the stairs to Joe's place, because it hurt THAT badly.

And thus, I feel like everything I manage to accomplish at the gym seems to be nullified by the fact that I can't do anything for several days thereafter. Hence, no weight loss.

It probably also doesn't help that I've been feeling sick on and off for the last two weeks. Bummer.

P.S. Sorry for the downer here. Just thought I'd give you something to read besides a boring list.


  1. sounds like you need to take it a teensy bit easier when you DO go to the gym. there's no shame in a half hour workout. eventually, you'll get to the place where you CAN do a full round of anything you want and be fine. just gotta slow down for a while.

    but yeah. hope things are still flowing right along for you!

  2. sex weight, eh? that's kind of funny. I also would like to be down about 10 pounds which would put me at my high school weight which would make me a very happy camper but the problem is I'm happy with Irish and so we eat, we drink, we're merry and that causes problems. Sigh.

    But I hear you on the gym thing. General rule of thumb for girls who want to lose weight (according to a Personal Trainer I saw on Oprah and my own trainer agreed): 4days a week of one hour of cardio(ew) and two days a week of 30 minutes of cardio + 30 minutes of strenght training. To maintain weight it's less than that of course. I don't go six times a week anymore (see above note about being happy!) =)


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