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Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Believe it or not, we have decided to honeymoon in Vegas (probably).

I can hear you gasping with horror and surprise, Mom.

But's not actually VEGAS. It's 17 miles outside of Vegas -- far enough away from the strip and all the "sin" and stuff, so we are confident that it'll be a relaxing, quiet time. And maybe we'll stop by to "see the sights" while we're there, since I still haven't ever been to Las Vegas. But for the most part, we'll be...ahem...taking it easy.

Relaxing by the amaaaazing pool.

Taking strolls around the gorgeous gardens/flower beds/green stuff I saw in the pictures.

And, you know, other honeymoon stuff. *blush*

Anyway, the original plan was to go to Monterey, but that plan fell through when the place we were looking to stay didn't have availability on the days we needed it. If, by some chance, it does become available again, we'll probably go there instead, but for now it's looking like Plan B.

And I'm thoroughly excited about Plan B. Not only is it a shorter drive than it would've been to Monterey, I'll finally get to say I've been to Vegas. And on the slim chance that we get, like, bored or something? There is tons to do. My co-worker spewed off about 30 ideas she had, all of which sounded really cool, so I'll have to look into some of it.

Did you know there are ROLLER COASTERS in Vegas? And one of them suspends you over the city, or something? Then there are always shows to check out, the skyscrapers, some fancy schmancy restaurants, etc.

Oh, and the Hoover Dam is apparently on the way there/back, so that could be cool.

All good options.

But chances are, after an insane bunch of months of preparation and one very full, wonderful, exhausting wedding day, we are going to need the next week to catch our breath.

AND after being together and in love and WAITING for over a year (by that point) and finally saying, "I do,"

Well, um...we WILL.

I'm just sayin'.

P.S. Sorry we've been such blogging slackers! This wedding planning stuff is a leeeeeeettle time consuming. Feel free to leave us comments, or email me at tabitha[dot]blog[at]gmail[dot]com, and ask us questions about ourselves, our relationship, or whatever you wanna know. It's always good to have input on what you -- our friends, family and other random onlookers -- want to see here.


  1. There is a lot of non-gambling/drinking things to do in Vegas that are fun! and yes, there is a ride at the top of the Statrosphere that hangs you off the side of their huge tower. It's definitely cool. I would recommend treating yourself to dinner there. The restaurant rotates 360 degrees (slowly) so that you see both mountains and Vegas strip views. It's great!

    Good luck with all the wedding planning. We'll be here to read/comment when you find time to write !

  2. That actually sounds like a lot of fun. I lived out there for a little while and there is TONS to do and see out there. Phantom of the Opera is out there. And it's the "slow" season there (at the time you'll be going), so perfect time to go if you ask me

  3. Nora: Slowly? Awww...I wanted to eat while pinned against the glass...Any way to request that they speed it up?

    Violet: I've heard that it is slow in general. Recent reports from Tripadvisor tell of it being a total ghost-town right now. Especially the hotel we are staying at.

  4. I would actually recommend staying in the downtown strip area if you can. The hotels are spectacular and parking can be a mess if you are driving in every day. The "sin" of Vegas is no worse than LA but the lights and shows would be fun to walk to when you get tired of your room, which you will at some point (eating and housekeeping are good things lol). If you want some suggestions, let me know. I have had a lot of fun in Vegas and am not the gambling party type either...sometimes you can get all-inclusive packages at the hotels that include show tickets and such. Especially if you are a newlywed.

  5. Yay!! Vegas area will be lots of fun!!

  6. stay at the bellagio for a night and go see "o"



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