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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


It's hard...picking out the songs, the colors, the compromises that are easy, the compromises that are not, getting the timing of guests and their ever-changing schedules/locations, getting the pre-wedding parties arranged and scheduled, table arrangements, ceremony outline, vow-writing, ring buying, dress wrangling, tux sizing, food deciding, cake tasting, the thank you note writing, invitation deciding, invitation sending, etc.

It's a good thing I'm only doing this once.

It's hard to take time out and just BE with Tabitha for a bit. We have to go to LA so often it's hard to have date nights much out. But when we do have a moment to ourselves, it's so...wonderful, like remembering why I'm doing this.

It's almost like I can't wait for this to be behind us so we can move on with life together.

In my mind, it's a done deal unless I find out she sacrifices puppies during the full moon or something.

Cute story to illustrate what I mean...the other day, I was putting my wallet in my left pocket, and I had a sudden panic attack: "HEY! Where's my wedding ring?"

It was a moment of relief, like when you realize you are only dreaming that you are in high school in your underwear, when I realized that I wasn't married yet, therefore there wasn't anything wrong with me not having a wedding ring.

Weird couple of moments afterward when I realized the full implications of what just happened.


  1. just remember... a wedding day is only a day. it does symbolize your lifelong vow to each other before your friends, family and God. but in the end, it's just a day. the colors, flowers, cake, etc... is all part of the day, but it's just stuff. all that matters is the love and commitment made to each other every day thereafter. so just relax and enjoy the wedding planning; don't sweat the small stuff :)

  2. Having been a bridesmaid numerous times for many of my very best friends, I have seen firsthand how hard it is to plan a wedding and how it does indeed distract the couple from their "Regular," time together. The wedding day is totally worth it even if it's just a day. And the fact that you thought you were missing a wedding ring? Adorable =) I have no doubt in my mind you two are going to be eternally happy!


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