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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Master Checklist

Adding more stuff to the list (in bold):

Things we (or in some cases, I) need to do before August 8th (in an only somewhat logical order):

  1. Figure out vows and pastor's speech/talk/whatever it's called
  2. Plan order of ceremony
  3. Pick songs for ceremony and reception
  4. Send ceremony songs to Josh so he can practice
  5. Make sure Josh knows we want him to play at our wedding
  6. Get unity candles
  7. Figure out stage setup
  8. Make flower arrangements from the metric buttload of silk flowers from Michaels (including bridal party bouquets, centerpieces, aisle thingies, corsages/boutonnieres*...)
  9. Finish gifts to my bridesmaids
  10. "Something borrowed, something blue?" (Am I doing that?)
  11. Send cake design and flavors to Kristen
  12. Find a cake topper we both like
  13. Practice for our first dance
  14. Get white keds for the reception so I can dance
  15. Put together wedding favors (need to add ribbon or something with color)
  16. Plan table decorations (table cloth overlay, place settings, etc.)
  17. Choose meal and appetizers and stuff; send to Blennie
  18. Finalize invitation design with Mom; send around June 13-20)
  19. Maybe have Mom design a program, too?
  20. Plan order of reception (cake cutting, first dances, etc.)
  21. Find a "going-away" dress (so I don't have to take my wedding dress on our honeymoon)
  22. Plan what clothes to bring on honeymoon
  23. Plan some sight-seeing/show-seeing in Vegas for honeymoon
  24. Lose ten pounds so I can sunbathe in Vegas on honeymoon
  25. Get a flower girl basket (and maybe a flower girl tiara? Oh, and shoes!)
  26. Cut and curl fabric for flower petals (it's the only way to have them in the right color!)
  27. Practice the three-second kiss with Joe (hey, this list was starting to feel too much like WORK)
  28. Make sure our registries are totally finalized (like, SOON!)
  29. (Later) Get ready to pack up and move things to Joe's (assuming Joe's is still standing after the fire)
  30. And most importantly, during all of this planning, remember that none of it is anywhere near as important as planning our LIFE together. Whee!
  31. Get a basket for the flower girl!
  32. Find out if our wedding coordinator is still going to be available...
  33. Try not to freak out.

*I'm so proud of me! I spelled boutonnieres right the first try!

I'm sure I'm forgetting a bunch of stuff. Tell me, people! What am I forgetting? Anyway, I'll try to update this periodically to show our progress in completing these tasks. Accomplishment of one thing always makes me feel more motivated to keep at all the others!


  1. Do you have someone you can ask to help with the order of things on your wedding day and kind of be in control for your rehearsal? It's nice to not have to be the bad guy and be stressed out about remembering all the little stuff on that day. (Like, someone to tell the party when to walk down the aisle, remember the rings, garters, bouquets, your makeup, purse, etc) It's a huge help!

  2. pretty sure a personal attendant/wedding planner type person would make your life 100 million times easier. speaking, of course, from my extensive getting married experiences...

    anyway. my brain hurts from just looking at the list. and reminds me that i want an effing LONG engagement so i have time to plan all this jazz. ha.

  3. As a former bridesmaid I would suggest having one of your gals be in charge of keeping tabs on the wedding party the day of the wedding as in telling them where to be & when, calling them if they are running late, etc etc.

    Also if you feel overwhelmed with things to do and a lot of people are asking you for help get a bunch of index cards, write a task you would like someone to do on each index card and then assign them accordingly. Your friends/family will be glad they can help and you will feel much better.

    And just a suggestion but this helps a lot of people in the wedding party, an itinerary of what is happening when (rehearsal dinner location/time, hair appointments, etc etc) so they will be there, on time, and you won't have to worry about it!

    (Take these or leave them, but as an 8 time bridesmaid I've seen these things be very helpful and create much less stress for the bride & groom!)


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