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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tab's Birthday...

For those of you who don't know yet, it is Tabitha's birthday today.

We have two celebrations planned, with presents, cake, the like. However, I struggled with what to do personally for her.

I tried my hand at my usual brand of sh*tty poetry, with predictable outcome: something that resembles a foreign language that seems to require getting amnesiac as to sentence structure when it comes to the needs of a rhyme.

I can't really BUILD anything, because I don't anywhere to put the tools when I am done. And if she really needed a lobsided desk, I'd get one from Ikea and shorten one leg (Hey, I know I at least have the saw!). It'd save us time and money in the longrun.

So, as sappy as it is, I thought I'd use the only creative medium I seem to be able to effectively communicate.

To prevent this from getting too sappy, let me inject a little Frankie into this:

I love your adorable spontaneous "bad white girl dancing" in the car or at your desk.

The way you are always ready for a hug, even in the middle of our disagreements.

The way you coyly smile and giggle at me after I realize the stink-bomb you just deployed.

How you set goals on stuff you have never tried before, and tear off in a new direction when you find the next greatest thing ever.

The way you'll ask my opinion on a piece of clothing, then choose the one I didn't pick.

How you'll get excited about the ensemble you have chosen, then reappear minutes later in something completely different.

How you'll appear out of nowhere, kiss me, then run off to go bead or read.

Falling asleep 20 minutes into a movie or driving.

Sometimes when I'm about to to fall asleep, I'll look over at the angel resting beside me, and I'm reminded of just what a lucky man I am. Happy Birthday.

And just to finish up, here's Dean singing too:

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  1. that is wonderful and adorable. i also love the injection of 2/3 of the rat pack to lessen the sap level. :P

    you're quite the swell guy,joe.


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