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Thursday, April 16, 2009

It's all getting real...

First, a warning. Though humorous, this post might make those with low tolerances for bodily functions a little...squeemish.

Let me take you a little through our experience planning a wedding.

First there was the awkward dating at the beginning. I was fortunate that Tab let me know early on that she was interested in me. We dated and dated and dated and discovered that we really liked each other's company.

After a good long time of being around each other every day, we realized that this relationship was heading in a marriage direction. We looked at it from all angles, and came back to each other and said, "yep, forever would be awesome with you."

So, we then went to Pre-married's at The Church on the Way for twelve weeks.

Four weeks before the end of the class, I arranged for the ring to be made, attended the final few classes with the ring in my place.

A week after classes, after much planning, I arranged a total surprise (awesome!), and proposed to Tabitha.

So now...we plan...and wait...and wait.

The weird part is that I'm basing almost every date I find around our wedding date. The string cheese I have in my fridge will be good until after our honeymoon. My next birthday will be as a married person. There will be 7 more paychecks until I am married. There are five performances of the Esquires that we can attend before we are married. There are two paid holidays until we are married.

All that to say, the other day, certain female-exclusive regulatory functions started up with Tab. The first thought through my mind was, "only three more periods until we are married"



  1. hahaha that's awesome! hey, at least we know you're really into it! :o)

  2. Great, funny post.

    Love this blog. You guys are too adorable.

  3. Yes. Really funny post. I didn't know that guys thought like that. I've thought like that lots of times, mostly before our wedding or the birth of our kids. Wait till you get to "The next time I shampoo my hair, I'll be married." :) That day is coming sooner than you might think!
    Love, Mary/Mom


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