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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Cooking Chronicles: Chapter 1 Continued

As promised, here is my recap of the dessert portion of Sunday night's spur-of-the-moment cooking experiment.

I tried this double chocolate dessert thingy, also from the Five Ingredient Cookbook.

Holy cow...there was SO much stinking butter in it. Too much. I mean, once the thing had finally cooled and hardened enough, the butter was VISIBLE among all of the chocolatey goodness. Gross, right?

I took it over to Joe's yesterday and he played with it. He said he tossed it in the oven and re-melted the butter, then kind of poured a bunch of it out, cuz I guess it separated enough from the other stuff? Blech.

All that said, we tried it again tonight, and it was a bit more bearable. I mean, it tastes good. It's really rich, which, granted, was a warning in the recipe itself, so I shouldn't be surprised. But if I ever make it again, I will definitely play around with the butter factor. And this one also said to use a 9x13 pan, which just seemed way too big for the amount of stuff I had to pour in there, so I used a square one instead. Maybe that messed up the butter-cookage? I don't know.

I'm not losing heart, though. This is fun.

Stay tuned for the next Cooking Chronicles!

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  1. I have some fun dessert recipes that aren't too hard... not necessarily only 5 ingredients but still worth it. Email me if you want any ideas =) Cooking/baking is one of my newest addictions.


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